About OrdersSystem

Our differences

Your own (business)

Create your own business community with Orderssystem.com vs. our competitors that create their own app community.

Own your customers

You have access to your customers full information including email address so you can send your customers newsletter and communicate with your customers for free. Our competitors will ot share the customer email with your business as they see the customers part of their App community and NOT your business community.

Your Full control
of the system

You can control each product and size to be available for sale or hide it from the menus based on availability and you can list only the available products you have. You can change each product availability at any time (so customers will never have to "get something else/chef selection if not available").

Customization/Upgrade are

We can customize the system for your specific needs for a small fee. Our competitors will not customize the system to fit your business. Our competitors will or let you change the menu based on your product availability and customers may receive another meal if it is not available (customers do not like this at all, as they want to get exactly what they order!

Lowest fees available

Our fees are half (or less than half) of our competitors. Our competitors' fees are 20% commission. Our fees are 10% normally, and now to help business with the Covid19 epidemic, we discounted our fees to 8% commission that includes all the processing fees!!!

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