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Menus - Paninis

vegetarian panini - daily special combo with 12 oz can pepsi $6.99
fresh mozzarella cheese, spinach, tomato, roasted red peppers & basil pesto on flatbread with .5 oz utz original chip with 12 oz can diet pepsi $6.99
  with 16.9 oz water $6.99
dan says each $6.99
chicken breast fillet, provolone cheese, spinach & roasted red peppers with italian dressing on flatbread
croque monsieur each $6.99
imported ham, imported swiss cheese & tomato in a pita fold
italian grilled cheese & tomato each $6.99
fresh mozzarella cheese, ripe tomatoes with fresh basil & oregano in a pita fold
stevo-nini each $6.99
chicken breast fillet, fresh mozzarella cheese, spring mix & tomato on flatbread - black olives optional